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Those that think a vegan diet boring and stripped of all creativity will be easily contradicted by Laura Miller. It has rarely been more fun to watch while others cook than when watching her. Laura’s metiér: everything. As long as it is plant-based! The bubbly American lives in San Francisco together with her dog named Buzz. From there, she excites audiences across the globe with her cooking show on YouTube. What is the key ingredient of her success? Her charm, wit and a large dose of irony with which she presents her truly tempting recipes. After speaking to us, Laura created an exclusive PKM menu, which will make you crave for more when simply reading it.
The Apple Watch is what Apple presents as its “most personal product” to date. It certainly is the first new product category to have been introduced since the iPad. To check out this watch, a classic product test would be possible but inappropriate. Because this is less about megahertz and working memory and more about design and functionality instead. After all, one only adorns oneself with a technology accessory when both heart and mind have been won over. We put it to the test.
The grand era of Baroque - it was the pursuit of wealth and complete freedom. The epoch’s unique character is reflected, inter alia, in the architecture; all strict structures of the Renaissance were dissolved, their place taken instead by swinging shapes, domes, groups of pillars, gables and windows with rich ornamental finials, which were supposed to give admirers the impression of strength and movement. However, the period was also characterised by the atrocities of the Thirty Years’ War and the emerging absolutism that would conjure up conflict between bourgeois class consciousness and culture at court. Hence, lavish celebrations were organised, which mainly served the representation of princely splendour. More is more, was the credo.
Every year, a colourful quiver of boldly dressed cyclists parades through London – it’s Tweed Run time. The point of the race is not speed but to exhibit a special case of whimsical and nostalgic beauty. Our London correspondent Nora Manthey attended the event.
Heart rate tracker, training schedule & co. were yesterday. Thanks to the smart fitness apparel by Athos, all you need now is a single fitness tracker. Where previously your trainer would crack the whip, all that’s required these days is an app. It measures your biosignals and suggests your own individual training schedule to attain your personal fitness targets.
People have always been in search of beauty and wellbeing. Even in Ancient Egypt, women and men were concerned with finding the right care for the skin. It was the Ancient Egyptians who developed the first cosmetic products to protect their skin against sand and the hot and dry air. They also loved beautiful fragrances, as these were said to delight the gods. But what about today? The hype around the topic of beauty has never been greater. We have forgotten how to consciously take time to do something good for our souls. That is why we arranged to interview Raymond Cloostermann, Founder and Managing Director of “Rituals” to talk with him about the philosophy of his brand and the inspirational source it represents.
Asterix and Obelix – undoubtedly the two greatest comic heroes of the past 50 years. Together, they brought tears to the eyes of whole generations, tears of laughter. But who is behind this success story? It is the Frenchman Albert Uderzo. Together with his colleague – back in the days that was René Goscinny – he created the two shrewd Gauls more than half a century ago and they have gathered a cult following ever since.
Diffused sun rays penetrate the blue of the ocean and dimly illuminate the outlines of a man on the brink of a deep dark hole at the sea bottom. This could be the scene of a base jump if we were not many feet deep under-water. Apnea diver Guillaume Néry gets ready for take-off and then dives as if in in slow motion, down into the black abyss of Dean’s Blue Hole in the Bahamas. He is holding his breath and so are we.
Never mind that ever-present and domineering three-point stars from Untertürkheim. Focus instead on another global business founded there - in that liberating year of 1945 - and the truly important bit for today: that no fewer than three Dirks were involved in its recently delivered omni-channel project. Kaiser+Kraft, today operating under the umbrella of SDAX-listed and Stuttgart-based Takkt, is a flourishing company in business equipment. With over 50,000 items of office supplies and furniture on offer, from workbenches to complete prefab offices, it direly needed to omni-range all those mail orders all over the world.
Members-only clubs have been around for centuries. This is where the powerful representatives of the society have met, the leaders and thinkers, and all of them minding their own businesses in a like-minded community. Nowadays, golf clubs, a gym membership or spending the evening in a business club have long become routine. You can enjoy privacy, meet like-minded people and often the establishment becomes your second living room. Private country, gentlemens’ or ladies’ clubs look back upon a long tradition, although no doubt their image is a little antiquated if you ask younger people. However, the fact that the tradition of member-only clubs has become a trend among the younger target group is thanks to the concept of Soho House.
„Werkzeuge für höchste Ansprüche“ lautet das Credo von Festool, Hersteller von Spezialwerkzeugen mit Sitz in Wendlingen. Um den mehr als 47 Länder umfassenden Absatzmarkt mit Publikationen über das Sortiment versorgen zu können, setzt das Marketing mit dem InBetween PublicationBuilder auf Automatisierung und Kreativität bei der Katalogerstellung.
The consumers’ golden age: a huge choice of products and services accompanied by endless means of comparison, and information on others’ experiences - all that in unprecedented comfort. What’s convenient and transparent for the customer often presents companies with huge challenges. However, it also presents many opportunities.
Central management of product information in a digital catalogue and its deployment through all channels will allow for increased revenue and considerably fewer costs in data administration. Health service provider PartsSource shows how.
When Hollywood actress Nicole Kidman sits back, relaxes and enjoys delicious food and an exquisite wine, we don’t find ourselves in a luxury restaurant somewhere in Los Angeles or the Hamptons, but above the clouds. As a guest of one of the leading airlines in the world, with Etihad Airways you experience comfort in a class of its own. It’s no wonder that the company was awarded the title ‘World’s Leading Airline’ for the seventh time in a row at the World Travel Awards (WTA) last year.
From the first shower rail to multiple-stream showering pleasure at the touch of a button: since 1901, inventions from Hansgrohe’s Black Forest-based think tank have influenced bathrooms around the world. A lot of what was conceived, developed and designed here has provided the international sanitary branch with stimuli. Some ideas wrote bathroom history and some even cultural history. Over a century after founding the company, the descendants of the south-German shower pioneer are contributing actively to the success of the company. We spoke to Richard Grohe about the passion for his company and posed the question of how you can harmonise traditional inventive talent and digital transformation.
Everything is going mobile, virtual, and computers will do our jobs in the near future. Not so fast. AOL’s digital prophet David Shing puts a few pieces of the “digital story” into context offering a glimpse of how our digital consumption behaviors will adapt thanks to smart brands and omnipresent devices that bridge sight, sound, motion, touch, feel, scent to deliver a deeper emotional experience.
„Was der alles hat“ – dieser Slogan beschreibt das in Österreich ansässige Unternehmen Messerle ziemlich perfekt. Es bietet sowohl für Firmen als auch Privatpersonen ein breites Sortiment an Gastrozubehör, Bürobedarf bis hin zu Werbe- und Hygienemitteln sowie Verpackungen. Nach einem umfangreichen Webshop-Relaunch, durchgeführt vom PIM-Spezialisten Stämpfli, steht den Kunden ein neues Einkaufserlebnis zur Verfügung.
The dream of spaceflight for all should not remain a dream for much longer, at least not according to Sir Richard Branson and his private spaceflight company, Virgin Galactic, which has been working on a space transporter for commercial space flights for many years. Due to technical problems however, the launch has been repeatedly postponed. Now tourist flights have been announced for this year. In addition, the company recently introduced their pilots’ flight suits designed by the Japanese star designer Yohji Yamamoto in collaboration with the adidas Y-3 label. Gone is the well-known image of the white space suit: the future of fashion in unknown galaxies is black.
In business, the marketing department often has to take care of customer data. A task which not only requires legal sensitivity in obvious sectors such as health and security, but also in any other consumer areas. As regards to safeguarding privacy it may be decisive for a company to both strengthen its own reputation as well as that it requires a safe haven from immense regulatory fines. Whether one focuses on the Safe Harbor, Privacy Shield or the EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), in any case data protection equals brand protection.
CPG companies pursuing digital strategies to improve or increase their top or bottom-line are finding that product (or raw material) information management and the distribution and sharing of information is crucial to their strategy’s success. This article looks at the necessity of a PIM and the underlying and parallel concept of managing your product information supply chain and why understanding this concept will be crucial to the success of a digital strategy.
Milan is leading in fashion and design with modern art playing a somewhat lesser role - but that was until Fondazione Prada started to care. The foundation is funded by the luxury brand bearing its name but emphasizes independence from the business as it aims for a cultural dialogue in the second largest city of Italy.