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Flexible Subscription Model

MPW Flexible Subscription Model

  • No fixed term. The subscription ends when you want it to end. Your MPW stays online but will lose its colour. Every term lasts one month only
  • Cancel anytime. You can cancel your subscription anytime – it will stop at the respective end of term
  • Pause if you want, when you want. You can also pause your subscription and reactivate it anytime

What you get

  • Your Market Performance Wheel. A comprehensive and beautifully designed MPW document with complete descriptions
  • MPW elements. You will receive all visual components of the MPW document for internal and external use
  • Right of use and publication. You can use, publish and promote your MPW document as well as its visual components without limitation (e.g. for download on your website using a registration form, on your social media channels, e-mail footer, mailings and newsletters)
  • Right of reproduction. You can also print your MPW document and use it along your sales brochures in your next pitch or at exhibitions
  • Include elements into corporate publications. Integrate visual elements and text parts of your MPW document in your corporate presentations and dossiers
  • ... (whatever your marketing team thinks up)

What we do

  • Publication on TGOA platform. Your MPW will be published on the TGOA platform and it will stay there for reference even when you stop your subscription
  • Peer review. Our platform includes a peer review functionality. Invite your customers to rate your software or services to increase your brand power! We check all reviews before publishing them to keep trolling parties away from this platform
  • Free download. Potential customers can download your MPW from our platform for free. This increases your visibility and interested people can directly get in touch with you
  • Analyst support. Our analysts use your MPW to sharpen their perception of your brand and value. This helps them to strengthen their argumentations in evaluation processes. Partners and consultants, too, benefit from these insights and help spread the truth about your offerings
  • Enhance our knowledge data base. By creating MPWs for all relevant software markets, our analysts win valuable insights which helps them unveiling the truth about the dynamics and determinants of PIM, DAM, MDM, CMS, CRM, Print Publishing, etc. 
  • Market studies. All survey results feed into our data base which allows us to use this data anonymously for comprehensive market studies. 
  • Promotion on social media. We will promote your MPW on LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram and Facebook, thereby increasing your visibility and brand power
  • Promotion through media partners. We will also promote your MPW through our increasing network of media partners, who will push the news into their specific markets
  • Public relations. Our press team additionally boosts public awareness by publishing regular press releases on new MPWs


  1. After subscribing to the MPW for 149 EUR per month, you will get direct access to our online survey where you can enter the information we need to put together your MPW. You will also get access to a PDF with all the questions so you can either check out the information needed beforehand or enter the information directly into the PDF – whatever suits you best.
  2. By finishing the online survey or sending us the completed PDF, you give us the signal to create your MPW. If there are open points, we will of course get back to you until we have all information we need. After around 48 hours, you will hold your new MPW in your hands.
  3. Things can change quickly and we understand this. This is why we offer a realtime MPW. This means that you can amend your assessment anytime and get an updated version of your MPW in no time as long as your subscription is active.

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