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Qualifizierte Beratung und ein optimaler Service sind zwei der wichtigsten Elemente für ein erfolgreiches Unternehmen. Endress Motorgeräte, ein führender Händler für professionelle Garten- und Forsttechnik, beherrscht genau das. Um für Kunden auch online den Einkauf zu einem wahren Erlebnis zu machen, setzen sie auf die Omnichannel-Box von infolox.
Summertime is spent outside basking in the sun. However, too many ultraviolet rays cause more damage than fun. The risk of contracting skin cancer has risen in the last few years, and is one of the most common types of cancer spread around the world. La Roche-Posay, the leading dermatological brand of the French cosmetics company L’Oréal, provides better skin protection for you and your loved ones in a revolutionary way. Check, protect and play safe in the sun are no longer pie in the sky.
The motto of the new Public Hotel by Ian Schrager is “Luxury for All”. The legendary New York hotelier has not only reinvented a new hotel concept, but with his idea of affordable luxury, he also stands up to the growing popularity of Airbnb. A hotel should and must be more than just a place to sleep. A cool location still proves its worth, because Public stands in the middle of New York’s hip Lower East Side. No-frills luxury, no reception, checked in by mobile phone or via iPads in the lobby. Room service can be ordered online through delivery services.
For a long time, people in the economic, political, and social gear mechanism were assigned the role of constantly calling up and improving their performance. The fact that this approach demands too high a price while impairing the quality of life has since been recognised. With this change in conscience, humans are again taking centre stage. Having been familiar with the efficacy of plants since her childhood, Ines Zorman is strongly focused on natural medicines to support a healthy lifestyle. In a conversation about alternative forms of therapy and the frantic strive for perfection, Prof Dr Dietrich Grönemeyer shows how to lead a healthy and happy life in a performance-orientated society.
A friend once said, a man is honoured for what he gave and not for what he received. That seems like a common thread with great personalities we adore – be it reformists, scientists, political heroes or business leaders. We remember them for the positive change that they have created not just in our lives, but for many generations. Drawing leadership lessons from their ways may be especially beneficial to the corporate world in today’s digital age.
A reader lives a thousand lives before he dies. Architecture is a visual art, and the buildings speak for themselves. The Dutch architectural practice MVRDV has combined these two aspects effortlessly in one of its most daring projects, and opens up a new world of indulgence by designing a unique complex celebrating the book as cultural artefact.
She is one of the few female key players in the Tech World and there is a lot that men can learn from her. With more than 25 years in extensive information technology management, Rhonda Vetere helps companies in every sector to succeed on their digital journey. With a lot of passion and dynamism, she leads her teams and aims to truly inspire change and growth within both the organisations and people. We spoke with Rhonda about her work, her passion for technology and her new role as President of health care company nThrive.
Digitalisation has not only turned our everyday lives upside-down, it has also extensively revolutionised commerce. Developments in eCommerce have actually strong-armed digital transformation. The boundaries between sectors have become more fluid, those selling insurance today may be selling cars tomorrow. Nothing seems impossible any more.

Germany has a new landmark. On the 11th of January, the Elbe Philharmonic opened in the Hamburg harbour district. The question may be asked if 10 years of building and 800 million euros of investment have been worth it. Time will show if a definite answer can be found to this. However, it can already be confirmed that this impressive building, planned by the Swiss team of architects Jacques Herzog and Pierre de Meuron, is the missing piece filling the gap in the jigsaw of the Hanse town.

As soon as its mistress removes the protecting cap, the great eagle turns its head and looks around with its piercing eyes. It is still perched on the young girl’s arm. Suddenly, it spots its prey and in two great beats of its wings, it flies up in the air. Down in the valley, the fox has no idea of the coming danger; it is eagerly following the scent of a mouse. Intent on what is happening, Aisholpan is holding her breath. This moment will prove if all the efforts, the setbacks, the hostilities and difficulties of the last months were worth it.
Die Prysmian Group in Deutschland hat den aufwendigen Prozess ihrer Printmedien-Erstellung automatisiert. Auf Basis der PIM-Software von jCatalog werden jetzt die Datenblätter für rund 15.000 Produkte mit einer Vielzahl an Varianten on demand generiert. Der Clou dabei: Alle Produktdaten werden aus der Cloud zur Verfügung gestellt.
Er ist komplex und doch so einfach wie genial – der menschliche Bewegungsapparat. Seit über 90 Jahren erforscht das Unternehmen Ottobock dieses Wunderwerk und verhilft im Falle einer Einschränkung zu mehr Mobilität und damit zu einem selbstbestimmteren Leben. Doch wie können wir unserem Körper gezielt die Entspannung gönnen, die er verdient? Denn Kraft, Bewegung, eine gesunde Haltung, all das kann sich nur im Einklang mit effektiven Ruhephasen optimal entfalten.
Valora Trade Austria baut bei der Entwicklung seiner Vertriebs-App auf Stämpfli und profitiert darüber hinaus dank PIM von einer einheitlichen, konsistenten Datenqualität und einer automatisierten Katalogerstellung.

Fehlende oder nicht adäquat überwachte Compliance-Regelungen wurden in der Vergangenheit bereits einigen Großunternehmen zum Verhängnis, und das Ergebnis bewegt sich nicht selten bei einer zweistelligen Millionenklage oder noch höheren Schadensersatzforderungen.

Many people find the idea of leading an extremely multifaceted life exciting.  The accountant who turns into an expert on Argentinian tango as soon as the sun sets, or the primary school teacher who teaches fly fishing hip-deep in a river at the weekend. These parts of our lives which include a rational and a creative side are unbelievably fascinating. Especially, when they reach extremes.
Recently, Amazon has started offering a new delivery service for household and daily items exclusively for Prime members. The online mail-order company is becoming an increasingly significant competitor for supermarkets. Boxes of supplies can be ordered containing preservable food items, household and beauty products as well as office supplies.
Wearables are topic number one in the IT world at the moment. In particular, smart watches can do a lot. The question is whether the applications will be used. While many manufacturers overload their devices with features which only a few end users find use for, Blocks has chosen another path.
Most little boys usually spend their day at school and later play video games, do homework and spend their pocket money on sweets and comics. But not Moziah (Mo) Bridges from Memphis in the United States. In 2011, at just nine years old, he founded his own fashion business, ‚Mo’s Bows‘, and started producing colorful bow ties.
The scent of warm, freshly ground coffee floats through the streets of San Francisco. Blue Bottle is a coffee company which puts the taste of the freshly roasted beans into the foreground - without wifi and deep armchairs - but with coffee of a standard unknown to many. What the guests are served here could be the beginning of a coffee revolution, just like it began with Starbucks in Seattle at the end of the 80s. On the west coast, Blue Bottle Coffee, whose name is a homage to the legendary first coffeehouse ‘Zum Hof der blauen Flasche’ in Vienna, has long been seen as the ‘apple’ of the coffee world.
Some products are just design icons. They are unbelievably beautifully and elegantly shaped, and just as simple as practical in their functionality. They have the stuff of classics - just like Lumio. Is it a book? A fan? Or an accordion? Neither nor, it is an LED lamp. The Lumio Book Lamp looks like an elegant hardback book when closed. When opened, the ‘pages’ of the book unfurl as if by magic into a fan sculpture with bright, warm light.
When hotelier Greg Marsh was on his way home after work in London one evening in 2009, his route took him through the residential area of the luxurious district of Mayfair. Everything looked as always. Despite this, he had the feeling that something was not quite right. Suddenly he saw daylight - namely that there was no light. All these wonderful large houses were dark. There was hardly anybody at home, the residents were all out somewhere or were completely out of town. Their flats and houses in the middle of one of the most exciting cities were virtually empty.