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Imagine a world in which people wake up inspired and go to work fulfilled. A world in which loyalty and belief are the rule rather than the exception. A world in which we feel secure. Simon Sinek is an unshakable optimist. The 42-year old demonstrates how people are inspired more with enthusiasm and empathy. With the goal of changing the world in such a way that each of us is fulfilled anew every day- In an interview, he tells us the role which the little word ‘why’ plays.
The German National Library currently lists 37,793 cookery books. Countless cookery portals and numerous apps are working away for the benefit of cookery enthusiasts. Providers offering cross-media recipes meeting the needs of their users are at a clear advantage. But you still need the right technological ingredients and kitchen aids.

Since the foundation of Delivery Hero in 2011, the way in which people order food on the internet has constantly changed. In Germany, the company is represented by the brands Delivery Hero, and Urban Taste. For more than an entire decade, CEO, Niklas Östberg, has been founding international e-commerce companies together with multiple partners who share his visions. United in their passion for innovative concepts they regularly introduce new ideas for the food delivery industry.

For international mail order companies, transparent and efficient data handling is the key to commercial success. As subsidiary of Otto Group, mail order specialist 3Pagen together with Online Media Net by apollon, combines data supply and asset optimisation for both the web shop as well as for all advertising media productions.
Customer experience management and Industry 4.0 are two of the most important trends in recent years. But what does customer experience management mean in an Industry 4.0 world? How are customer expectations and customer service evolving in a world where products are being developed at an accelerating speed, manufactured with greater customisability and used with increasingly more intelligent, personalised functions?
Too often, marketing and IT departments do not seem to be particularly fond of each other. Despite their numerous touch points, their claims and ideas diverge widely. Things could be so much better if both parties combined their expertise in order to develop joint customer-oriented strategies together.
The creation and management of complex product information including mapping, classification and digital media assets has become crucial for any business offering products and services. Hence, it became necessary for the Sartorius AG, which distributes complex laboratory products, to put into practice the successful implementation of a PIM system.
Sutter Health, one of the leading not-for-profit networks of community-based healthcare providers in the USA, implemented a master data platform in nine months across a decentralised organisation with the help of Informatica.
Simple, quick, and ideally at no cost: More and more PIM vendors offer free demo versions or full basic software to download entirely free of charge. In doing so, they appear to strike a chord with many companies. After all, when greater focus is placed on the much-heralded customer experience, less attention is paid to what goes on in the background. But can it really be that simple? According to a current white paper by the Bayard Consulting Group, many stumbling blocks lurk in a DIY project such as this, almost always resulting in higher costs and increased expenditure.
He always goes at least a step further than the others. Sir Richard Branson is known for realising the things he has set his mind on. In doing so, he has never forgotten how important the right basis for sustainable success is – having the right people around. He tells us how he has managed to get to where he is today and what role the right attitude plays in it all.
It is the shopping platform for men on the internet – Mr Porter. This is where the fashionable man can purchase labels such as Burberry, Ralph Lauren, Gucci and YSL online. The page is accompanied by appealing editorial content, styling tips, interviews and videos. We asked Ian Tansley, Managing Director of Mr Porter, for an exclusive interview.
Committed, humane, authentic, enthusiastic, cosmopolitan, entrepreneurial and courageous – those are the attributes which the company and the brand Ottobock represents. Over 6,000 employees worldwide are working with passion and commitment to fill these words with life – in respectful contact with handicapped people. The company has been producing quality products which have increase the mobility and freedom for people with physical disabilities for almost a decade. The constant challenge – changing technical innovations into technology for people. This demands innovative strength and the courage to take new paths. Owner professor Hans Georg Näder is running the business which is already in its third generation.
Making a healthy diet – and therefore being healthy –possible for so many people, that is the mission of Danone. This topic has always been closely linked to the company history and its products. But the company also wants to be a role model on the subject of exercise and therefore regularly initiates the Danone Nations Cup, the top event for kids in the world of international football.
Why should we be concerned with silos? What happens when departments compete with one another? Shouldn’t we focus on those functions that create the most added value, and ensure that priorities are set by those managers who are most familiar with their individual areas of responsibility? One look at the causes of the silo mentality demonstrates how organisational silos and their digital and operative counterparts often hinder business development. Breaking up silos can reinvigorate companies and activate innovation and staff commitment.
ACE Stoßdämpfer gilt innerhalb der Branche von Dämpfungstechnologie und Schwingungsisolierung als international führender Spezialist. Für eine professionelle Produktvermarktung setzt die Firma seit Jahren auf ein PIM-System und Beratung durch Stämpfli. Die Einbettung in die digitale Strategie von ACE ist der nächste Schritt für eine Produktkommunikation der Zukunft.
As retailers grow, efficiently managing data across their application landscape becomes increasingly central. Business users and information technology (IT) leaders therefore require data management solutions which provide insights to them and relevant information to their customers along their purchasing lifecycle. For this reason, accommodating scale, speed and different data types requires data management solutions to systematically evolve.
For many of us, starting the day without a cup of aromatic coffee is unimaginable. Ideally you want to enjoy a cup of the freshly brewed brown gold before or during the journey to work. However, just after its preparation it tends to be too hot, but it also cools down really quickly. And who wants to drink a cup of cold coffee? How do you magically maintain the perfect drinking temperature? An American company has found a solution, which is as simple as it is attractive.
Titan Note is the little intelligent assistant who will help you avoid missing important points or decisions in a meeting and losing track at international telephone conferences. The elegant, almost revolutionary device will record everything spoken and will transfer it, coded, directly in writing to your smartphone app.
A new tour, a new album: following the huge success of their Delta Machine Tour in 2013, Depeche Mode are back again – collaborating with Swiss luxury watch brand Hublot for the third time since 2010. The watchmaker and the post-punk pioneers have joined forces for a good cause. As in 2013, they are supporting the ‘charity: water’ organisation, which is committed to providing clean drinking water in developing countries. On this occasion, Hublot has launched a limited edition ‘Big Bang Unico Depeche Mode’ watch, the proceeds of which will partly go directly to the charity.
Record players are the interior trend of the year, with the comeback of vinyl music currently omnipresent. But what exactly makes the sound system of yesteryear an absolute must-have today? Using new technologies, these new record players usually come with a USB connection, allowing music to additionally be played on mobile phones. The fabulous retro design of many systems also make them en-vogue eye-catchers. But there is an alternative, as made clear by Love Turntables.
For decades, the same dream has haunted the running scene: to run the marathon in less than two hours. But even if the best of the best have constantly broken new world records, most studies still assume that it will take decades before the 120-minute barrier is broken. The American sports article manufacturer Nike is working on shaping the future. They want to make history and prove anew that the abilities of the human body are greater than we think—with the project “#breaking2”.