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Content Marketing ist derzeit in aller Munde. Content in Form einer Geschichte ist schnell und günstig erzählt. Doch bei der Relevanz für die Zielgruppe trennt sich die Spreu vom Weizen. Worauf es ankommt, ist eine maßgeschneiderte Strategie. Denn erst dann wird aus einem Schlagwort ein Faktor echter Wertsteigerung für Marke & Marge.
The Range Rover Evoque concept already debuted in 2012. Just three years later, at this year’s Geneva Motor Show, Land Rover confirmed that the convertible model is to go into production – the world’s first convertible in the class of premium compact SUVs. First prototypes have already started test runs in a rather unusual place: the over 41 kilometres long ‘Crossrail’ tunnel currently being dug under the City of London.
It is one of the most successful companies in the pet industry. Starting as a small pet shop in the German city of Bremen, the firm has now become one of the world’s leading suppliers for pet supplies and today owns and operates 20 distribution sites in Europe, Asia and America.
Successful targeting with marketing automation BY BENJAMIN RUND (Published in The Produktkulturmagazin issue 2 2015) I am a passionate runner and always track my runs on my iPhone. For this, I use an arm band from a leading sports apparel company. I...
Since 1 June 2015, the Stämpfli AG has been the majority shareholder of asim GmbH in Bregenz, which is now called Stämpfli asim GmbH. In an interview, CEO Hansjörg B. Gutensohn speaks about new possibilities for product communication, a corporate culture informed by visions and his claim to customer satisfaction, which for him takes priority.
Sitting in front of our computer screens, we too easily forget that even something as virtual and intangible as a social network is constantly being further developed by a large team of highly qualified staff. At Facebook, there are approximately 2,800 computer scientists, graphic designers and content managers who ensure that we have a platform to individually express that we belong somehow. Now, the company has a new headquarters - designed by star architect Frank Owen Gehry. What does it look like? Naturally, it was built in the spirit of unrestrained communication.
What can be digitised will be digitised, this is the message from Silicon Valley in the United States, the centre of digitisation. Ever more new businesses models are bringing companies or even entire industries and their long-standing respective business traditions under attack and disruptively changing conditions permanently in a very short time.
Dutch eyewear brand Ace &Tate depicts itself as diverse as life itself. Those who have long craved glasses as an accessory that complements their every look will find a wide variety of trendy products here. And they all have one thing in common: one tempting price. CEO Mark Daniel de Lange allows us a look through the looking glass to reveal what is behind this hip newcomer.
The EK/servicegroup (EK) with a turnover of 2.2 billion euros is one of the largest multi-industry trade associations in Europe. Approximately 4,100 independent commercial enterprises with more than 50,000 employees - from small shops to retailers to department stores - have joined forces at EK.
Centralised and media-neutral data management is essential for modern and efficient omnichannel marketing. To supply numerous catalogue productions, online shops, and marketplaces efficiently with the product information of its four brands, the Popken Fashion Group uses Online Media Net (OMN) by apollon.
There’s rarely been a motorcycle race in the world  as prestigious as the “Isle of Man Tourist Trophy” (IOMTT). It is considered the most traditional, spectacular and controversial motorcycle race in the world. The drivers use the normal streets and race between the houses, stonewalls and hedges. Crests of the road, for example on bridges are not made safer. One British motorcycle brand is undoubtedly linked to this legendary motor-race: Norton Motorcycles! No other brand has gained more victories in the Tourist Trophy of the Isle of Man.
Digitalisation is the search for nirvana, when the right products and the right people converge at the right place and at the right time. Companies are going increasingly digital. They hardly have any choice.
Alnatura is the most popular food brand in Germany, according to a study by Brandmeyer. The company operates nearly 100 stores, has a turnover of 689 million euros, 2,400 employees and is thus the market leader among organic suppliers. And for good reason as Alnatura strives to achieve one thing above all: to express an appreciation for food. Its principle “Making sense for humans and the earth” transcends all areas of the company. We spoke with the founder and CEO Prof. Dr Götz Rehn about his enterprise and his idea of a holistic lifestyle.
For FC Basel, the Swiss Football League came to a masterful end. In the German Bundesliga though, the last day of matches held rather dramatic turns for fans, players and clubs alike, especially those from the south of the republic. Stuttgart remains excellent, Freiburg relegates. We saw pure emotions and literally moving images.
Imagine a warm summer breeze whispering past your face, your feet dipping into cool water – the only thing missing for this to be a perfect day is a delicious coke with ice. For many, Coca-Cola is a cult, a drink that stands for absolute freedom and which we particularly crave during the hottest months of the year. Now, the Coke family has grown. We spoke to Christoph Isenbürger, Marketing Director of Coca-Cola GmbH, Germany, about the latest offspring.
Increasing diversification and accelerated innovation cycles are leading to product portfolios becoming more and more extensive and complex. With the introduction of the asimSuite, REGRO Elektro-Großhandels GmbH successfully tackles the challenge of managing the amount of products efficiently and communicating them in a targeted manner across multiple channels.
In many companies disarray rules: content such as photos, videos and audio files are filed somewhere and can never be found again in the vastness of the server landscapes. Thus, companies are faced with the challenge to restore order to the data chaos.

There is an area in the Pacific Ocean known as the Great Pacific Garbage Patch. The Patch is thought to be the size of the state of Texas – and made almost exclusively of plastic. Over the last 50 years, humankind has produced an estimated 700 million tonnes of plastic that now lives in our oceans, making its way into the food chain and ultimately into us. That means it is more than probable that every living human being now has traces of synthetic chemistry in their blood.

Members-only clubs have been around for centuries. This is where the powerful representatives of the society have met, the leaders and thinkers, and all of them minding their own businesses in a like-minded community. Nowadays, golf clubs, a gym membership or spending the evening in a business club have long become routine. You can enjoy privacy, meet like-minded people and often the establishment becomes your second living room. Private country, gentlemens’ or ladies’ clubs look back upon a long tradition, although no doubt their image is a little antiquated if you ask younger people. However, the fact that the tradition of member-only clubs has become a trend among the younger target group is thanks to the concept of Soho House.
„Werkzeuge für höchste Ansprüche“ lautet das Credo von Festool, Hersteller von Spezialwerkzeugen mit Sitz in Wendlingen. Um den mehr als 47 Länder umfassenden Absatzmarkt mit Publikationen über das Sortiment versorgen zu können, setzt das Marketing mit dem InBetween PublicationBuilder auf Automatisierung und Kreativität bei der Katalogerstellung.
The consumers’ golden age: a huge choice of products and services accompanied by endless means of comparison, and information on others’ experiences - all that in unprecedented comfort. What’s convenient and transparent for the customer often presents companies with huge challenges. However, it also presents many opportunities.