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Steve McCurry is a globally celebrated photographer who has long been an icon of photojournalism. His "Afghan Girl", the portrait of a refugee child in Pakistan, went around the world on the cover of National Geographic magazine in 1984. It gained tremendous popularity as a projection surface of our Western imagination, and thanks to McCurry it became the symbol of the Afghan tragedy in the conflict with Russia in the 80s. Today, it is one of the most well-known photographs of the 20th century.
Who can resist humming along to this iconic verse “Smoke on the water, a fire in the sky...”? It’s by Deep Purple and has made them one of the most popular rock bands since their formation in 1968. Their sound – characterised by the Hammond organ, guitar riffs, driving rhythm and striking vocals – makes them one of hard rock’s premier and most influential representatives.
In a career of almost 50 years as a photographer, he captured the German elite of acting and music - Jim Rakete. Many great international personalities too, trust him and his sense for what truly makes a portrait. With us he spoke about the beginnings of his professional life and how important the matter of the right moment is to him.
Philippe Starck is a phenomenon. As one of the most famous designers of our time, he masters the range of product design in an unbelievable bandwidth. There is hardly an area of our daily lives that has not been made more beautiful and friendly through a design by the Frenchman. Philippe Starck is a chameleon, shrill and omnipresent as well as subtle, elegant and quiet. He observes his environment with never-ending curiosity and almost inexhaustible energy. New experiences are food for his spirit and creativity. The result are works that are always original and full of surprises, and often they – like their inventor – transcend the traditional boundaries of design.
He is undoubtedly one of the biggest and most prominent personalities on the German music scene. Peter Maffay has thrilled, moved and accompanied an entire nation for many decades. No one else has come close to his success or released as many number one albums. As well as his passion for music, he created the fairy tale character Tabaluga, which conveys fundamental values to children in a playful manner. The singer spoke about his inspiration, social responsibility and his upcoming MTV Unplugged Tour in an interview.
A captivating atmosphere, an enthusiastic audience and thunderous applause – a musician really can’t imagine anything more wonderful than this. Each of his concerts is a genuine experience. Without a doubt, the Dutch violinist André Rieu is one of the great and outstanding personalities of the worldwide music scene. The unforgettable summer evening concerts in André’s home town of Maastricht rank among the musical highlights each year. With us, he discusses the beginnings of his career and the importance of his family.
He is anything but a conventional entrepreneur, and this is precisely what has made him so successful and popular. Professor Götz Werner is the founder and patron of the drugstore chain dm. His focus has always been on people and – as a result – his management style has been based on appreciation, responsibility and meaning. Götz Werner has created one of the most successful and popular companies in Europe, focusing in particular on the perpetual question regarding the meaning of our own work and our personal contribution to the whole. In our interview, he spoke about the fulfilment of ideas, his great role model and his ‘Unternimm die Zukunft’ (Undertake the Future) initiative.
Teahupo’o turned him into a legend. The surfing spot on the coast of Tahiti has the legitimate reputation of being the “Heaviest Wave in the World”. The monstrous waves during the winter’s big wave sessions are seen as particularly dangerous, as the waves break over a coral reef that is located just a mere 50 centimetres below the surface of the water. This is where Laird Hamilton achieved a spectacular ride in the year 2000 that would make him world-famous. Laird Hamilton is one of the most influential big wave surfers of the 21st century.
The future may start anyplace, anywhere, anytime - or so Nena sang back in the early nineties when her songs became so popular, she had to sing them in English too. Numerous number one hits in the German charts, guest roles in film productions, voice overs and a long list of prizes and awards are the prominent cornerstones marking a lifelong career. Nena already knew as a child that she wanted to be on stage and has taken things as they come ever since. She is living in the moment and still, after four decades in show business, manages her success with her relaxed manner and familar smile on her lips. 
When the sun first rises in the morning, slowly evaporating the white veil of dew on the freshly mowed lawn, when there isn’t a person in sight and the green range seems to expand into the distance almost infinitely, that is when you can experience the necessary silence and freedom. With both feet firmly on the ground, focused, centred, gathering all your energy in order to get a hole in one – that’s what every golfer dreams of. Martin Kaymer has achieved this rare feat again and again throughout his golfing career thanks to his outstanding talent – and surely with the right modicum of luck.
He possesses this charming mix of casualness and self-confidence. The international star David Garrett is one of the most impressive and talented violinists of his time. From May 2008 to April 2010, the “Devil’s Violinist” held a very special world record: he played Rimski-Korsakov’s “Flight of the Bumblebee” in 66.56 seconds – that means 13 notes per second– without making a single mistake. This even won him an entry in the Guinness Book of Records.