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Los Angeles, New York, Dubai – you will encounter abstract and contemporary art exhibited by gallery owner Christian Lethert at all the world’s major art shows. Back home in Cologne, Christian Lethert curates exciting solo and group exhibitions on the beautiful and clear premise of his gallery every six to eight weeks. An interesting programme supports the exhibitions and varies between informative lectures and panel talks. Up to 400 guests attend these regular vernissages that include readings and discussions with the artists. The works exhibited by Christian Lethert show clear structures and colours, forms both known and unseen as well as fascinating layers that encourage viewers to take a second and even a third look.
Lawrence of Arabia said: “a Rolls-Royce in the desert is more valuable than Rubies!” He drove three individually customised Rolls-Royce vehicles during his military operations in the Middle Eastern desert during the First World War. The Indian Maharajas also valued the luxury vehicles’ off-road capability and would master rough terrains and dense jungle while hunting tigers in a Rolls-Royce. The vehicles quickly acquired the reputation of not only being luxurious, but also robust and reliable. “Take the best that exists, and make it better” was and continues to be a firm belief of Rolls-Royce.
With the mad hatter, the Cheshire cat and the white rabbit we are probably connected to one of the most famous fairy tales of them all. “This is impossible – only if you believe it is”, as it is written in Alice in Wonderland. That is exactly what Vladimir Mukhin thought and subsequently did. His restaurant, the White Rabbit, not only takes its name from the famous rabbit from the fairy tale of Lewis Caroll, but the interior also allows us to immerse ourselves in exactly these grandiose fairyland worlds. No less impressive than the view from the 16th floor of the restaurant overlooking Moscow are the dishes Vladimir conjures up for his guests. Bringing Russian cuisine closer to the world is just one of his goals.
Elegant, masculine and functional: a truly innovative new IT piece joins the ranks of smart accessories. ‘A fantastic conversation starter’, writes one person, describing the new ‘Ring Clock’ – ‘a real icebreaker’, was how another summarised it. And the small, chic ring does indeed pique interest, because it combines two things in a completely revolutionary way.
After a hard day at work, you come home feeling hungry and quickly order yourself a pizza or get together with friends in your favourite restaurant. You’ve long since forgotten that there is still a leftover Sunday roast in the refrigerator. And that’s how the lovingly home-cooked meals gradually lose their freshness, until at some point they are no longer edible – unless you remember them in time. Around one-third of food produced worldwide is thrown away, and one of the main reasons for this is the simple fact of forgetting the food one already has at home. Ovie, a start-up from Chicago, intends to remedy this with its Smarterware.
Mexican cuisine is one of the most popular in the world. Who doesn’t love sinking their teeth into a fresh taco with spicy salsa and creamy guacamole? Widespread in America, it is virtually impossible to find authentic dishes in Europe. Young, aspiring chef Rosio Sanchez also thought so and – following years working in top restaurants – established her own business with two taquerias and a cantina in Copenhagen.
Handmade bean-to-bar chocolate from Dubai is conquering the market not only in the Arabic region, but is entering the stage in other regions across the globe as well. The secret of Mirzam’s remarkable success not only lies in its transparent production, high-quality raw material, and elaborate craftsmanship. The company excels at creating and raising a real myth that is fuelled by beautifully designed wrappings and exciting flavours that immediately catch people’s attention and create curiosity. It’s not just simple chocolate, but artificial, tasty story-telling. Chief Chocolate Officer, Kathy Johnston, told us the story of Mirzam that is shaped by history, sustainable and natural production and, first and foremost, the people behind it.