(Published in The Produktkulturmagazin issue 3 2016)

Feeling energised when just waking up — every day. A dream. What sounds like fantasy is now to become a reality. At least in the world of two founders from California and their Kickstarter project ‘Sense’. Their little round gadget promises not only to improve our sleep but also analyses how the make up of our bedroom affects the quality of our sleep and why we might sleep worse than we would wish.

Our internal clock is set by nature to help determine when it is time to sleep and when to wake up again. Distortions of the natural rhythm like traffic noise or calls in the middle of the night, which disturb our sleep suddenly, may be the cause for sometimes waking up feeling whacked and needing a few moments to get going. Sense, a sphere packed full of sensors, intends to change that.

This smart gadget consists of three components: its spherical form holds the headquarters so to speak and includes all sensors. The ball is completed with the so-called Sleep Pill, which clips on a pillow, and the iOS or Android app. Unlike conventional alarm clocks, this one senses when we enter a light sleep phase as it tracks our sleep pattern. With its SmartAlarm, Sense wakes us up at our own optimal time thus easing the start of what promises to be a good day.  All one needs to do is to set the alarm and choose from 15 available melodies. Via the built-in speaker, Sense can also play tunes to help with falling asleep. By monitoring the bedroom conditions in terms of temperature, moisture, light and dust as well as nocturnal movements, which indicate the sleep cycle, Sense provides a good overview of all the factors that play a crucial role in getting a healthy, good night’s sleep. The intelligent Sleep Tracker is available in black or white for 149 euros.


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