The Mirror Effect

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The Mirror Effect describes the new paradigm of digital asset management (DAM), which is to mimic MDM technology through Generic Data Assets (GDA). The concept acknowledges the increasingly important meaning of assets within an enterprise for the overall operability, efficiency and sustainability.

MDM has the big advantage to leverage truly connected data within an organisation, thereby revealing data synergies and potential to grow and innovate. While product information management (PIM) solutions have already adopted MDM concepts, DAM vendors are still sticking to their single domain approach, treating images as just another fragment of product information. 

Now we observe that DAM is evolving from being a passive giver into an active and inevitable part of truly connected data, enablign companies to exploit the full potential of their data – all of their data. 


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The Mirror Effect – Start seeing the full picture with DAM
systems that mimic the MDM philosophy
Advellence  x  Riversand  x  TGOA
Published in May 2021

The Mirror Effect
The Mirror Effect
The Mirror Effect