Data Flux Index

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The Data Flux Index analyses the digital heartbeat of the vital Information Supply Chain Management. It is a parameter of the information architecture of an enterprise and, thus, a valuable tool for management.

The Data Flux Index bases on the quality of data (Data Quality; DQ), the accessibility of data (Data Accessibility; DA), and the flow of data (Data Flow; DF) in line with the performance of the data provision. 

DQ is the evaluation of databases in relation to the question of how well the data is suited to fulfilling its purpose within a specific context. DA for both internal and external data processing and use is defined by the accessibility to the information for users and systems. DF bases on the performance of the provision of data, which depends on the IT infrastructure, the level of technical automation/integration, the number of data source/destination systems, the centrality of quality management as well as the awareness of the respective levels of responsibility (process, data) over the entire process. There are both global and local specifications.

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Data Flux Index – Digital heartbeat of ISCM
parsionate x TGOA
Published in October 2017 

Data Flux Index
Data Flux Index
Data Flux Index