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(Published in The Produktkulturmagazin issue 2 2017)

Titan Note is the little intelligent assistant who will help you avoid missing important points or decisions in a meeting and losing track at international telephone conferences. The elegant, almost revolutionary device will record everything spoken and will transfer it, coded, directly in writing to your smartphone app.

Measuring just five by three centimetres, the elegant-looking cylinder neatly fits into your palm. Yet it delivers everything you need to perfectly record conversations at meetings. For example, Titan Note can distinguish between all the voices involved in the discussion. Moreover, the latest technology in speech reproduction and biometric voice recognition delivers a degree of precision similar to manually written records. According to the manufacturer, the word error rate is below 6 percent. Interfering sounds are eliminated using a method for voice supression and an anti-noise microphone. If desired, Titan Note can deliver a summary of the recorded conversation instantly, which can be further processed at any time or, if necessary, be translated into nine different languages from English, as well as shared via email, Evernote or OneNote. Titan Note is a true all-rounder which charges your mobile phone, plays music with a crystal-clear sound, is waterproof and will send a reminder to your phone, should you have forgotten the little device somewhere. A 35,000-dollar funding project has been started on Indiegogo. By the 30th of April the financing was more than successful, as enthusiastic supporters of the project have accumulated a million dollars.  The inventors receive suggestions from all over the world for improvements and add-ons and they endeavour to fulfil as many of the wishes as possible. One of them is to be able to record and recognise communications in languages other than English in future. We have to wait and see when German will be one of them. It also remains to be seen if in the long run the little gadget can hold its own against Siri, Amazon Echo or Google Assistant.

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Titan Note

Picture credits © Titan Note

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