Enjoying the sun carefree with a smart protector


(Published in The Produktkulturmagazin issue 1 2018)

Summertime is spent outside basking in the sun. However, too many ultraviolet rays cause more damage than fun. The risk of contracting skin cancer has risen in the last few years, and is one of the most common types of cancer spread around the world. La Roche-Posay, the leading dermatological brand of the French cosmetics company L’Oréal, provides better skin protection for you and your loved ones in a revolutionary way. Check, protect and play safe in the sun are no longer pie in the sky.

L’Oréal has been dedicated to sun safety through research, product innovation and public education campaigns, raising awareness for different types of skin cancer. To keep up its reputation as leader in the wearable tech scene, the company has set the pace with its new UV sensor innovation. The global beauty player presented the world’s first battery-free wearable electronic UV sensor at the 2018 Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas. It supersedes its predecessor with a heart-shaped design on a patch that changes colour depending on the consumer’s sun exposure. The new UV Sense is smaller and offers longer wear and real-time data. It is a circular, nail-sized sticker, making it the world’s smallest wearable. It measures individual UV exposure and stores up to three months of data.

The new wearable is less than two millimetres thick and nine millimetres in diameter. Once attached, the sensors deliver information about the wearer’s daily UVA and UVB exposure to smartphone applications using Near Field Communication. This wireless technology uses magnetic field induction which is also used by contactless payment systems. The application gives consumers access to their sun exposure data while offering personalised sun safety coaching tips and the ability to track trends in UV behaviour over time. Armed with research and consumer insights from the previous heart-shaped model, L’Oréal created a discreet product that not only blends problem-solving technology with human-centred design, but also fits any type of lifestyle. This was accomplished in partnership with Northwestern University and Yves Béhar, founder of fuseproject and a world-renowned designer. Besides lowering the risk of skin cancer, the new and groundbreaking technology within UV Sense has much potential to impact the future of technologies and wearables. The pricing for this smart accessory is around 30 Euros. It is available exclusively through dermatologists in 2018 with a global launch planned for next year.

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Picture credit © L´Oréal

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