The sensory companion for stressful situations


(Published in The Produktkulturmagazin issue 4 2017)

Who isn’t familiar with stress at work, stress in everyday life and then the added stress during your spare time with countless possibilities and offers. Anti-stress recommendations and relaxation exercises are booming, but when do you have the time for those? Ramon Telfer and cofounder Alex Johnson have developed a unique product and a simple solution, the Calmingstone. It’s the perfect companion against increasing stress levels for everyday business life in particular. 

The Calmingstone is a revolutionary development to harmonise work, body and mind. It is an aesthetic and brilliantly conceptualised project not only through its design, but also through its functionality and effectiveness. The stone’s shape has a calming effect on its user. Together with the soft light and smooth surface, it creates an energetic anti-stress effect. The Calmingstone addresses our emotions and senses in a multisensory way and is touch-activated. It can be held, heard and touched. With the pebble-shaped device resting in the palm of the hand, the copper ring sensor around its edge measures its user’s heartbeat, imitating it through a gently glowing light and a slight pulsation. Wireless headphones allow you to hear the live pulse and bring yourself back to the optimum pulse rate. 

The creators themselves see it mainly as a solution for feelings of stress, fear or panic which we encounter in our work life. The stone has a preventative effect and keeps us at a constant calm level. It helps you to stay calm and in control, and to counter acute stress situations with breathing exercises and pulse control. Its calming balance can be used in a variety of different situations – from a schoolchild before a presentation or a manager facing a board presentation, to an athlete before a competition. The Calmingstone also intensifies sleep, providing a quiet and relaxed night’s rest. As a portable and convenient device, it’s also suitable for people who travel for business and as a “takeaway” mobile relaxation aide. 

The inventors of the Calmingstone were able to raise funds for the development of their ingenious idea through a KickStarter crowdfunding campaign. The product will be available online from December 2017.

Picture credit © Calmingstone

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