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(Published in The Produktkulturmagazin issue 1 2019)

Faster, higher, stronger – we live in an age in which we struggle to find rest. Stress is our constant companion, especially in the professional environment. The first psychological signs of being overworked – such as sleep problems, illness, difficulties concentrating, irritability and lack of motivation – are readily pushed aside. We only start paying attention when physical ailments such as back pain, headache, fatigue and increased blood pressure can no longer be ignored. Nevertheless, there is hardly time between meetings, conference calls, business trips and presentations to pause and remember to take care of ourselves, although this is precisely what is essential for our health and mental performance. We need space to recoup spent energy and recharge our batteries. Particularly now in spring it's the perfect time to finally focus on ourselves again, to listen to our bodies and learn a precious art: the healing power of self-mindfulness.

Such regeneration processes start with sensitive detoxification, purification and neutralisation programmes for the body. Only through these purification rituals can the body regenerate and reorganise its self-healing powers. Because health, beauty, vitality and mental attitude are determined by the cleanness of the body. The ideal partner for comprehensive personal diagnostics and regenerating treatment is the Lanserhof Group with its LANS Med Concept, which is currently offered at three locations. Since 1984, the Lanserhof Lans in Tirol, Austria, has become one of the most important health centres in Europe. There is the LANS Medicum health centre in Hamburg and the Lanserhof Tegernsee in Bavaria. In collaboration with the renowned members club “The Arts Club’, a Lanserhof city branch will be opened in London in May 2019 and the Lanserhof Sylt in northern Germany is scheduled to be unveiled by the end of 2020.

Through state-of-the-art holistic medicine, sustainable regeneration and prevention, LANS Med Concept promotes a healthy, energetic lifestyle. To this effect, naturopathic treatments meet cutting-edge medicine, mountains and untouched nature meet modern architecture and primary foods meet innovative nutritional skills. Doctors, therapists and sports scientists work with chefs to elaborate the optimal personal concept for every guest. For this purpose, a wide range of diagnostic, therapeutic and cosmetic applications are made available and coordinated to develop an individual health plan. The goal is a healthier, fitter and more energetic life, as well as to learn to look after yourself and your body. Dr. Christian Harish, CEO and co-owner of the Lanserhof Group, is a top manager himself, so he knows first-hand the constant stresses of day-to-day business life. Together with Karsten Wolf, the head chef of the Lanserhof Tegernsee, he shares with us their recipes for new energy and a healthier lifestyle.

Dr. Harisch, what is the secret of the success of Lanserhof and its LANS Med programmes?

Dr. Christian Harisch: At Lanserhof, two rare treasures will be bestowed upon you: time and attention. Because our doctors and therapists use all senses to diagnose and treat. On the one hand, we offer the most modern and high-end diagnostics of classical medicine and, on the other hand, we also use naturopathic therapies. An individual treatment plan is developed for each patient. I believe this combination makes a lot of sense and patients appreciate our holistic approach.

Which high-end diagnostics are currently ground-breaking for your guests and patients?

CH: Of course, our medical diagnoses are made using common methods such as ultrasound, MRI or colonoscopy. What we newly offer is a test based on a genetic value, the so-called lipoprotein(a), which can measure how high the basic risk of strokes and coronary heart disease is for patients.

So, this means that a risk of stroke or coronary heart disease is already genetically determined and hence there is nothing you can do about it if you have a poor value?

CH: The genetic predisposition cannot be changed. But with a healthy lifestyle, exercise, a sensible diet and as little stress as possible, you can reduce the risk – and therefore, for some patients, this is vital.

What would you personally do to reduce the risk of coronary heart disease?

CH: First of all, you should stop smoking – at any rate, this applies to all smokers – before the age of 35. Until this age, the body can still regenerate well. After that, it all gets much more difficult. And, as I mentioned – live and eat healthily, and exercise. And ideally, detox twice a year, that would be a very good start.

Speaking of “eating healthily’, Mr Wolf,  tell us what Lans Energy Cuisine is all about?

Karsten Wolf: Lans Energy Cuisine is our nutritional concept and a long-time success story. It was designed for modern, health-conscious people to improve their well-being. It promotes taking pleasure in cooking and eating and, of course, in savouring the culinary experience. A diet with food of the highest quality, optimal digestibility and maximum taste is the simplest and most beautiful way to absorb new energy. All the findings of modern food research and global food philosophy have been incorporated into our nutritional concept.

What are the most important foods for an energy-boosting healthy diet – particularly for businesspeople who have little time for regular meals?

KW: Especially in the case of people who are very busy professionally, it is clear that the body is constantly exposed to stress – be it pollution, smoking, alcohol, UV rays, insufficient sleep, excessive work or unhealthy diets – thus, free radicals can take over the body. Oxidative stress can trigger a variety of diseases such as cancer, rheumatism and Alzheimer’s. Antioxidants from different spices, fruits and vegetables can help against oxidative stress. Cinnamon, for example, is anti-inflammatory, stimulates digestion and is rich in antioxidants. Avocados are highly recommended, because they have a lot of healthy, polyunsaturated fatty acids. They also provide vitamins B and E as well as blood-building iron, and have an antioxidant effect. Oats are also a food that should not be missing from our meal plans and hemp seeds and hemp oil should be our constant companions. All varieties of root vegetables help increase energy levels. The rule should be to enjoy meat and fish only once or twice a week. Consuming healthy energy also means generating and conserving healthy energy.

If you do not have the opportunity to take two weeks off for treatment at Lanserhof, how can you still live a little more consciously in everyday life?

CH: You could have one Lanserhof day a week, that would already help. The key to this is to do it regularly. Even little things have a big effect – for example, a smoker not smoking for the day. Or fasting for 16 hours and then eating just two meals four hours apart. And consciously taking breaks throughout the day, maybe going for a walk at lunchtime and taking more breaks at the office than usual.

KW: And on that day, make a point of choosing foods that are not always on the menu. For example, lots of green vegetables such as broccoli, which has many health benefits. Broccoli contains folic acid, iron, vitamin C, potassium, calcium as well as beta-carotene, which is good for the eyes. In addition, studies have shown that the sulforaphane contained in it is a natural weapon against cancer. Remember: nutrients are very fragile, so you should only steam, stew or eat your broccoli raw. But also carrots, parsnips, parsley root and,
especially during winter, my favourite and often forgotten vegetable: the squash – with similar health-boosting properties to those found in broccoli.

Dr. Harish, as a top manager, you are certainly often on the road. How often do you detox?

I detox once a year. I know, twice a year would be better and I am trying to do that. That is part of the game when your goal is a permanently new quality of life.


Dr. Christian Harisch comes from a family of hoteliers from Kitzbühel. Dr. Harish has been Managing Director and owner of the Lanserhof for almost 20 years together with Councillor of Commerce Anton Pletzer and Stefan Rutter. He has transformed the Lanserhof into a pioneering brand of regenerative and preventative medicine with its LANS Med Concept as a trailblazer for the medicine of the future.


Karsten Wolf is Head Chef at the Lanserhof Tegernsee health resort. Following an apprenticeship in Saxony, he built on his skills in various gourmet restaurants in Bavaria and on the island of Amrum before becoming a graduate dietary cook and spending the past few years working as Head Chef. Karsten Wolf sees an excellent opportunity to incorporate his professional qualities into the modern dietary and energy cuisine at the Lanserhof Tegernsee.

Picture credit © ingenhoven architects/Foto H.G. Esch

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