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(Published in The Produktkulturmagazin issue 1 2016)

Rrrring. It’s modern, it’s chic and above all it’s smart. Ringly has a lot to offer and keeps us inconspicuously up to date with the news in all situations. A beautiful gadget, which doesn’t appear to be a gadget at first glance.

Who hasn’t been in this situation? You’re sitting in a meeting or at a café with friends but even so, you’re constantly looking at your mobile. After all, you could miss something. This behaviour is not only impolite, but annoying for all concerned. But what do you do when you’re waiting for an important call or urgent message from one of your best friends or family? The New York start up, Ringly, has found both an ingenious and attractive solution. At first glance, the rings with a large, noticeable stone just look stylish. But this smart piece of jewellery has much more to offer than just looking good. With the right app, it can connect with the iPhone of the desired user via Bluetooth, and indicates the arrival of new messages, mails, calls and news from different social networks such as Instagram, Facebook or LinkedIn via a subtle colourful glow and vibration. That all happens completely inconspicuously, simply and is extremely practical. With a total of four different configurable vibration levels, which can be combined with a choice of five LED colours, you can save settings for a relevant new message or person, differentiate them from each other and quickly and inconspicuously recognise them. According to Ringly Manager Chrisina Mercando, this will be the future of wearables. This is “discreet technology”, says Mercando, “which can be seamlessly integrated into your life and makes day-to-day events easier to handle”. Ringly is available from 195 dollars in different versions, with the semi-precious stones black onyx, emerald, pink sapphire or moonstone. It is charged via USB cable, which is connected to its jewellery box - also serving as the charging unit. The battery lasts for up to three days.


Picture credits © Ringly

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