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(Published in The Produktkulturmagazin issue 2 2017)

For many of us, starting the day without a cup of aromatic coffee is unimaginable. Ideally you want to enjoy a cup of the freshly brewed brown gold before or during the journey to work. However, just after its preparation it tends to be too hot, but it also cools down really quickly. And who wants to drink a cup of cold coffee? How do you magically maintain the perfect drinking temperature? An American company has found a solution, which is as simple as it is attractive.

How can you keep your favourite hot beverage at perfect temperature for the duration of its consumption?  Clay Alexander, founder and Chief Executive of Ember Technologies, has thought long and hard about this question. The result is the most precisely temperature controlled cup worldwide, the Ember Mug. The company’s patented temperature regulation technology combines a phase-alternating cooling system with an active heating device. The rotating bottom makes it possible to control the temperature to the degree. Perfect for the journey to work, a day in the office or simply at home, because it cools hot drinks down to the chosen temperature and keeps it there for hours or until you have finished it. This way you can enjoy your drink at optimum temperatures from the first to the last gulp.

The Ember Mug is precise, easy to handle and can be configured with the special app, which makes it possible to save a number of temperature adjustments, to set notifications and to chose between Celsius and Fahrenheit. Once set, you receive a notification on your smartphone when the beverage has reached the chosen temperature. Moreover, it lets you know how much is left in the mug. This is just the beginning of something very big for the founder Clay Alexander. He intends to comprehensively revolutionise the drink and dishware industry and is getting ready to launch a totally new kind of consumer electronics and to turn Ember Technologies into the next big household name. His sponsors include Demi Lovan and Nick Jonas. The smart mug is available at Starbucks for 150 dollars.

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