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(Published in The Produktkulturmagazin issue 1 2016)

What if we could self-diagnose flu before it breaks out? What if we could see how physical training and the food we ingest are shaping our organism at the molecular level? The health product ‘Cue’ comes from the company of the same name. It combines powerful biosensor technology with mobile technology that creates a synergy which will definitely change the way we all approach health.

Observe your physical state  at the molecular level in only a few minutes. Cue makes exactly that possible, whether dealing with a quick check in terms of your own vitamin D level or the dreaded flu.  All the little box of miracles needs is a non-invasive droplet of saliva, blood, or nasal swab, and you can access deep information about your physical condition only previously available from a lab around the clock. Cue also features ‘Life Feed’, an incredible new smartphone-based way to visualize the positive  effect of daily activity, healthy food, and adequate sleep on a molecular level. This sensitive data gives  research-based recommendations for example on foods proven to support health and alerts you when things change negatively. 

 Cue is also extremely easy to use. Slip one of the five cartridges into Cue, and the user is immediately prompted to add a sample. Use one of the Sample Wands included with the Cue, and slide it into the cartridge. Cue then automatically starts the analysis. After a few minutes, the information is delivered wirelessly to your smartphone. When the analysis is complete, it prompts you to remove the cartridge and dispose of it. To enhance user safety and hygiene, the Sample Wand permanently locks inside the cartridge and is disposed of with the cartridge.

This intelligent tech gadget can be taken anywhere, so that users can reliably check their health at any time. Its soft rubber shell and form-fitted travel case make it possible to take Cue anywhere in your free time, for example to the gym, surfing or on your ski trip.

Picture credits © Cue Inc.

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