The Ring Clock as a contemporary companion


(Published in The Produktkulturmagazin issue 3 2018)

Elegant, masculine and functional: a truly innovative new IT piece joins the ranks of smart accessories. ‘A fantastic conversation starter’, writes one person, describing the new ‘Ring Clock’ – ‘a real icebreaker’, was how another summarised it. And the small, chic ring does indeed pique interest, because it combines two things in a completely revolutionary way.

Having the time on you – but not on your wrist and not in your pocket. A Ring Clock on your finger provides an innovative way to combine time and style in an entirely new way. Small, practical and conspicuously inconspicuous – the perfect jewel for the finger. It is only upon closer inspection that the engraved numbers on the stainless-steel rings become noticeable. The idea was born in 2011 as a ‘moving innovation’ project. The background to the project was to create a product that had never been seen before in this form. In an age in which smart phones are increasingly replacing conventional analogue timepieces, there should be a way to quickly and easily read the time. This is the vision that triggered the idea for the ring. 

However, the Ring Clock stands out not only due to its sleek design, but also as a result of its function. The metal ring has two levels: the inner ring, which envelops the finger tightly, and the outer ring with the engraved numbers. It comprises three rows, divided into the familiar time measurement units – hours, minutes and seconds. Reminiscent of mystical runes, the numbers are truly eye-catching. Rotating the individual rings activates the LEDs which then display the accurate time for 15 seconds. Furthermore, the Ring Clock is waterproof – to a remarkable depth of 30 metres. With a life of approximately three years, the battery powers the Ring Clock for around a week. Wireless charging takes no more than two hours and – using the supplied induction charging station – is not only super-simple, but also practical as the charging station is also used to set the time.

The ring is currently available with blue or yellow LEDs and in a case crafted from stainless steel. Furthermore, versions with red LEDs and black PVD coating or white LEDs and gold-coloured PVD coating can be preordered.

To ensure that customers order the right size, they are sent five plastic rings to try on in advance. Customers can then quickly and easily determine the right ring size for them, e-mail the details and have their perfect watch delivered to their home. The combination of style and function makes the Ring Clock an absolutely unique gadget that can be purchased online for 349 Dollars, enabling its wearer to keep an eye on the time at all times – all in a stylish, new and innovative way.


Picture credit © RingClock Ltd.

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