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  • No costs. The creation and publication of your Yellow Pages is completely free. We want companies to find everything they need for their next digitalisation project - including information about your company, products, services and contact options
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  • Your cards, your leads. We provide direct contact options to your key personnel and even link your website and general e-mail address and telephone number to your entry. In case a user gets in touch with us and asks for help, we will support them finding the right person at your company
  • Free promotion. We will promote your Yellow Pages additionally on our social media channels

What we do

  • Publication on TGOA platform. Your Yellow Pages will be published on the TGOA platform for each market you are operating in
  • Peer review. Our platform includes a peer review functionality. Invite your customers to rate your company to increase your brand power! We check all reviews before publishing them to keep trolling parties away from this platform
  • Free download. Potential customers can download your Yellow Pages from our platform for free. This increases your visibility and interested people can directly get in touch with you


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