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  • No fixed term. The subscription ends when you want it to end. Your entry will shrink to the basic version then.
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  • A full-blown entry in The Market. Differentiate yourself from your competitors by filling more space with extended information for each market you want to subscribe for.
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  • A personal gate to all available content. We promote your Market Performance Wheel as well as all other content available on so that interested people can find even more information about you on our platform – just by scanning your personal QR code.


    1. After subscribing, you will get direct access to our online survey where you can enter the information we need to put together your entry. 
    2. By finishing the online survey, you give us the signal to create your entry. If there are open points, we will of course get back to you until we have all information we need. 
    3. Things can change quickly and we understand this. This is why you can amend your entry anytime between the print processes. Just drop us a message at!

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    Get your entry as a Software Vendor

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