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Eric Kent’s sense of individuality was legendary. His fashion style still inspires – and so do the many stories told about the founder of the long-established British fashion brand “Kent & Curwen”. Kent is said to have thrown flowers across his studio floor in order to find unexpected colour combinations. He liked to make fun of the conventional dress code of the ‘30s and to combine sports fashion with formal suits. Today it is David Beckham who portrays the archetypal Kent & Curwen man and is world-renowned for his style as well as his achievements.
The ancient, angular stones feel warm and rough. They belong to the wall of a 13th-century Crusader’s stronghold. I wonder about all the things these stones have witnessed throughout the centuries – and what they think of the unusual mid-century design classics of Shiro Kuramata and Pierre Paulin located right next door. An exciting contrast indeed, in the lobby of what may be the most spectacular new hotel in Tel Aviv’s historic Jaffa District in Israel. The hotel is located above the harbour of the Old Town with a dream view of the Mediterranean Sea.
Sunlight falls obliquely through the high, pointed Gothic windows of the old church, making the geometric patterns on the walls shine like a rainbow. The bright color spectrum conjures a kaleidoscope of patterns and shapes into the room. It is broken only by the jumps of the skaters practising their moves on a half-pipe running across the nave. This unique place in the small town of Llanera, in the Spanish Asturias, is called “Kaos Temple”. The temple has been a pilgrimage destination for skate culture lovers since the church was transformed into a kind of skatepark.
Anyone looking for the right pair of headphones is spoilt for choice nowadays: in-ear, on-ear or over-ear? With or without noise cancellation? More bass or a clearer sound? Not to mention other factors such as brand affinity, price, shape and colour. These decisions are set to become a bit more difficult in future, as the new headphones by nura guarantee an unprecedented and unique listening experience. What makes them so unique is the fact that they adapt individually to the user’s sound profile.
Rugged cliffs, a grey sky and the wild sea. The beauty of the Faroe Islands is a pure and rough one. Exposed to the salty wind, dark and wooden dry houses stand all over the islands with fish and pieces of lamb meat hanging at their sides and interiors. In the midst of this impressing, chill nature, the Michelin-starred restaurant “Koks” offers a cosy refuge with all the flavours and the amazing spirit of the islands beautifully arranged on its plates. We spoke to Poul Andrias Ziska, head chef at Koks, about their concept, inspiration, and the unique experience of the Faroese cuisine. 

Nail-biting action scenes and stunningly beautiful locations are highlights of every James Bond film. In the blockbuster ‘Spectre’, Ice Q, the unique gourmet restaurant located on Gaislachkogl Mountain in Sölden, Austria, furnished the backdrop for a futuristic clinic and delighted filmgoers with its tremendous architecture and spectacular glass façade. Now the restaurant has been joined by a world’s first at an altitude of over 3,000 metres. 007 Elements is a cinematic installation in which everything revolves around the world of James Bond.

All that is visible from afar is a deep, narrow incision in the slope of a Tuscan hillside – however, a large building soon becomes apparent. An extraordinary building, hidden between the olive groves, the vineyards and the oak forests. Here, wine is the very essence of every thought, of all work and of welcoming guests and visitors. This is a temple to wine and, above all, an homage to the Tuscan landscape and its vineyards. We are in Bargino, just half an hour by car from Florence, and today home to the new headquarters of Marchesi Antinori and the Chianti Classico wine estate.
Infinite stretches of white and a silence only a surrounding of snow and ice can bring forth. The biting cold air is relentlessly waving over the dazzling ground as the quiet scene suddenly gets in motion with dozens of dogs cutting their way through the snow. The Finnmarksløpet is known for being one of the most difficult sled dog races in the world, and we were talking to Petter Karlsson, this year’s winner of the famous race.
No other restaurant has influenced the gourmet scene over the last decade as profoundly as René Redzepi’s Noma in Copenhagen. So-called ‘New Nordic Cuisine’ was hyped across the globe as a result of Redzepi’s cooking. Without a doubt, Noma is the embodiment of the current gourmet age and – similar to El Bulli in Spain – has shaped the culinary world to an extraordinary extent. It was all the more devastating when René Redzepi announced the closing of his restaurant in Copenhagen last year, choosing to embark on a world with small pop-up gigs instead. 
What do common electronic picture frames showing photographs on a constant loop have in common with the 'living' paintings from the Harry Potter world? Meural, an art technology startup from New York, combines the two in its Meural Canvas, a fascinating canvas which is not only able to display photographs in HD quality, but also famous paintings. What’s special about the canvas is that the display is so realistic that textures and brushstrokes can be discerned despite not being there in reality. 
What better way to put mountain boots to the test than by walking across the Alps in them? Or, even better, by hiking in order to test them under all circumstances and terrains. This was exactly what four young Norwegians were planning to do this spring, when they provided a strange sight whilst stood at the train station in the small Italian town of Montebelluna: they raced across the platform in order to reach the train to Cortina while wearing full mountain gear and backpacks with skis strapped to them. The Dolomites were the first stage of their walk from Montebelluna back to their home in Oslo, Norway.
Around 300 years ago, Qianlong – the fourth emperor of the Qing dynasty – had a commemorative plaque with the inscription ‘Yang Yun’ erected in China’s Forbidden City. In the language of traditional China, ‘Yang Yun’ has an extensive and mystical meaning: it stands for preservation, dreams and fulfilment, for respecting nature and venerating the universe. No name could be more apt for the latest Aman Hotels resort: Amanyangyun is a retreat that pays homage to the beauty of nature and the creative power of man and offers fascinating insights into Chinese culture.
Speed, adrenaline and a feeling of freedom. Matthias Walkner’s heart beats faster when he takes part in races.  An opaque cloud of dust follows him when he rides through the sand dunes. Rocks are whirled up around him and nature shows its unpredictable yet breathtaking side. He has mere seconds in which to make the right decision and give it all he’s got. The aim is to persevere and, above all, to win the fight against nature. Matthias does just that, he lives for motorsports and is very successful at it. He only recently won the notorious race in Dakar. He spoke to us about his adventures and his fascination for a sport that is far from safe.
A striking and angular building becomes visible from afar. Grey rock and vertical wooden beams dominate the clear, modern architecture of one of the most renowned design hotels in the Tyrolean Alps, the Zhero Hotel in Ischgl/Kappl. The hotel opened in late 2012 and quickly became a popular hotspot in the Alps. The authentic mixture of traditional alpine hospitality and sophisticated, innovative design is popular with the guests. Some of the world’s best ski, snowboard, hiking and climbing areas can also be conveniently accessed from the hotel. This year’s winter season has just started, and we spoke to Jens Liebhauser, CEO of the Zhero Hotels, in Ischgl about mountain design and what makes this location so special.
The fog lifts silently, allowing the first sunbeams to shine through the forest. The hazy outline of a castle gradually becomes increasingly clear. Eltz castle in the Eifel region seems to have leaped off the pages of a romantic fairy tale, and you could picture Sleeping Beauty resting here. The castle is just one of the breathtaking subjects that demonstrates the beauty of Germany. Be it the Eifel region, the Elbe Sandstone Mountains, the dark Black Forest or the Alps – Germany is full of wild landscapes that are being impressively highlighted by a collective of young photographers.
Los Angeles, New York, Dubai – you will encounter abstract and contemporary art exhibited by gallery owner Christian Lethert at all the world’s major art shows. Back home in Cologne, Christian Lethert curates exciting solo and group exhibitions on the beautiful and clear premise of his gallery every six to eight weeks. An interesting programme supports the exhibitions and varies between informative lectures and panel talks. Up to 400 guests attend these regular vernissages that include readings and discussions with the artists. The works exhibited by Christian Lethert show clear structures and colours, forms both known and unseen as well as fascinating layers that encourage viewers to take a second and even a third look.
Lawrence of Arabia said: “a Rolls-Royce in the desert is more valuable than Rubies!” He drove three individually customised Rolls-Royce vehicles during his military operations in the Middle Eastern desert during the First World War. The Indian Maharajas also valued the luxury vehicles’ off-road capability and would master rough terrains and dense jungle while hunting tigers in a Rolls-Royce. The vehicles quickly acquired the reputation of not only being luxurious, but also robust and reliable. “Take the best that exists, and make it better” was and continues to be a firm belief of Rolls-Royce.
With the mad hatter, the Cheshire cat and the white rabbit we are probably connected to one of the most famous fairy tales of them all. “This is impossible – only if you believe it is”, as it is written in Alice in Wonderland. That is exactly what Vladimir Mukhin thought and subsequently did. His restaurant, the White Rabbit, not only takes its name from the famous rabbit from the fairy tale of Lewis Caroll, but the interior also allows us to immerse ourselves in exactly these grandiose fairyland worlds. No less impressive than the view from the 16th floor of the restaurant overlooking Moscow are the dishes Vladimir conjures up for his guests. Bringing Russian cuisine closer to the world is just one of his goals.
Elegant, masculine and functional: a truly innovative new IT piece joins the ranks of smart accessories. ‘A fantastic conversation starter’, writes one person, describing the new ‘Ring Clock’ – ‘a real icebreaker’, was how another summarised it. And the small, chic ring does indeed pique interest, because it combines two things in a completely revolutionary way.
After a hard day at work, you come home feeling hungry and quickly order yourself a pizza or get together with friends in your favourite restaurant. You’ve long since forgotten that there is still a leftover Sunday roast in the refrigerator. And that’s how the lovingly home-cooked meals gradually lose their freshness, until at some point they are no longer edible – unless you remember them in time. Around one-third of food produced worldwide is thrown away, and one of the main reasons for this is the simple fact of forgetting the food one already has at home. Ovie, a start-up from Chicago, intends to remedy this with its Smarterware.
Mexican cuisine is one of the most popular in the world. Who doesn’t love sinking their teeth into a fresh taco with spicy salsa and creamy guacamole? Widespread in America, it is virtually impossible to find authentic dishes in Europe. Young, aspiring chef Rosio Sanchez also thought so and – following years working in top restaurants – established her own business with two taquerias and a cantina in Copenhagen.