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Superyachts dominate the oceans of this planet with their exuberant luxury, fascinate with their aura and their jaunty elegance keeps one breathless. Just a handful of prestigious manufacturers know this precious trade and are able to give birth to mesmerising designs of the superlative. One of them is Rossinavi. Behind the name lies the story of the Tuscan yacht manufacturer who is one of the world’s leading builders of custom superyachts.
A gigantic golden chimney catches your eye as soon as you step foot into the lobby of the recently opened Roomers Hotel in Munich. The atmosphere is modern and cosy at the same time, like a chic, large living room. The design and lifestyle hotel was opened in time for this year’s Oktoberfest, not from the Theresienwiese. The hotel is the Gekko Group’s third Roomers by Micky Rosen and Alex Urseanu. The two visionaries from Frankfurt celebrate indulgence and the quality of life, which immediately becomes apparent in the first Roomers Hotel in the banking metropolis, a luxurious place seemingly made for rock stars with its dark and masculine design. The second style icon, the Roomers in Baden-Baden, was added last October. Italian levity dominates here, everything is flooded with light, and in comparison to the Frankfurt building, its design is almost puristic.
No goal seems out of reach, no victory is enough for him. Always on, always better, always more. This dive made Herbert Nitsch the 33-time world record holder in freediving and the Deepest Man On Earth. Thirty-two of these records are set in all eight recognised disciplines – unparalleled achievements in freediving history. He exceeded his own record in the no-limit discipline several times, reaching a depth of an incredible 253 metres. A man who fascinates and goes to his personal limits and beyond for victory.
The bitter cold, uninhabited areas, spectacular snapshots – when searching for a unique subject, Chris Burkard not only overcomes his own borders, but also those of traditional surf photography. He shares his experiences with millions of people worldwide, taking his audience with him on a journey into unknown worlds. His images and visions are inspiring, encouraging viewers to tap into unexplored potential through borderline experiences. Each one of his trips is a challenge with the aim of overcoming what is familiar.

As soon as you enter the huge atrium, you stop involuntarily. My initial gaze wanders an unbelievable 33 metres up the massive concrete tubes. Here you can really feel space, the atmosphere is vibrant, like in a cathedral. My second look is at a giant dragon floating in space. Nicholas Hlobo’s archaic-looking bird is the first piece of art you encounter at the impressive new Zeitz MOCAA Museum in Cape Town. After nearly ten years of planning, the V&A Waterfront has opened Africa’s first and the world’s largest museum of contemporary African art.

Counting steps and calories, analysing sleep and monitoring fitness levels – fitness trackers are the mega trend of recent years. Although the devices have become slimmer and increasingly personalisable, they can still be identified as such immediately. While they normally aren’t a problem at the gym or while jogging, the fitness armbands are usually replaced by watches or suitable jewellery for business outfits or smart evening wear. The British company Bellabeat has identified this gap in the market and developed a smart accessory called “Leaf” that is not only optically appealing, but which also discreetly and reliably gathers data.
We stop on a dusty road in Tulum, Mexico, in front of a high fence of planks and palm leaves. This is actually where the hotel Casa Malca should be, but we cannot find a sign or a driveway. Apparently great value is placed on privacy. Suddenly, the reed fence opens and a security guard lets us enter. We find ourselves in a paradise coconut grove with powder-white sand, you can hear the rush of the Caribbean Sea. This is Casa Malca, an estate around which many rumours are entwined.
Tricia Guild is said to be the only interior designer who can design a cobalt blue sofa without it looking silly. With her colourful designs, she acts almost completely outside the fashion and trend world - rather, she is her own trend. She has been in the design business for almost 50 years, has published numerous books on interior design, and is considered an icon of colours and patterns. In this interview she tells us how she started her company Designers Guild in early 1970 with first ideas and a few fabrics on London’s King’s Road and why she cannot imagine a life without colours.
Bees hum and it smells of thyme. A group of geese waddles across the path and moves towards the pond, unimpressed by the breathtaking panorama of the Simonsberg. We are in South Africa, in the famous Western Cape wine region just outside Cape Town. Here are the most famous wineries in the country and the refuges of numerous wealthy South Africans and international wine lovers. One of the most beautiful historic farms in the typical “Cape Dutch style” is Babylonstoren near Paarl, about 40 kilometres from Cape Town.
Tyler Bradt paddles calmly down the River Palouse in Washington in his kayak. The trees move slowly past him, the water is calm and drives him gently forward. As if by magic, the water suddenly becomes a torrential river that storms the red kayak until the abyss opens in the immediate vicinity. The strong tearing of the waterfall is not to be missed and suddenly the kayak disappears on the horizon and falls 58 metres into the depths. But all this is no coincidence, because Tyler Bradt is contending with the most important kayak ride of his life.
While most people wouldn’t dare to step closer to the edge, cliff divers boldly throw themselves from cliffs of over twenty metres in height in order to show off their dives, somersaults and twists in front of an ecstatic audience. The impressive backdrops of beautiful locations such as Mostar or Polignano a Mare ensure that the spectacle is surrounded by a unique atmosphere. The successful German cliff diver Iris Schmidbauer tells us about the tough training and tight-knit community behind it all.
The plates at the Geranium in Copenhagen are little works of art. Strong colours, floral arrangements and fine shapes. Every dish appears as a well thought-through story told by both nature and art. The Michelin three-star restaurant is an inspiring place for people who love food, pure tastes, and the culinary pleasure of Nordic cuisine. It is probably because of the deeply rooted passion of chef Rasmus Kofoed that the Geranium established such an institution in the culinary world.
Listening to Beatie Wolfe is a little bit like watching the sun going down with the wind quietly rustling the leaves. It immediately shrinks your focus to simply enjoy what you hear and see before your inner eye. The tranquillity flooding around is magical – and yet, this is not where the magic ends.
Inspired by 1962 - a year when the Jet Age began to shape the history of aviation, where John F. Kennedy and Jackie Kennedy governed in the White House, where the Beatles’ “Love Me Do” was released - an architectural masterpiece has now been awakened from its 19-year long, Sleeping Beauty slumber.  The famous Trans World Airlines (TWA) terminal at JFK Airport in New York has been transformed into a modern hotel and, in the future, will spirit its guests into the glorious era of the Jet Age. The spectacular building was designed by Eero Saarinen, one of the best-known designers and architects of the 20th century, and opened in 1962.
Denmark’s white gold – that is the name of the special Læsø salt that is seethed according to the old method on the small Danish island of Læsø. Danish salt has a long tradition: the Vikings already knew how to produce and refine sea salt. Denmark has large salt deposits, especially in Jutland and its northernmost island of Læsø. Here you will find endless wide marshes and green salt meadows, great tranquillity and untouched nature. The salt is extracted by hand using the same method as 500 years ago from the saline groundwater of the marshland and Wadden Sea. Each year, Læsø Salt produces around 80 tonnes of the wonderful spice. It tastes “of summer on the beach of Denmark”, says Poul Christensen, the founder of Læsø Salt. In any case, you can see the age-old craft and the love with which it is won. No wonder Læsø salt is one of the most sought-after salts in the world and so highly regarded by star chefs. Jeppe Ladefoged, managing director of Læsø Salt, tells us the story of the white gold.
The Restaurant de l’Hôtel de Ville de Crissier – a traditional house for more than 50 years that treats its guests with exquisite culinary delights and is known far beyond Swiss borders. Frédy Girardet, Philippe Rochat, Benoît Violier and last but not least Franck Giovannini have made it a culinary must for all gourmets and have put their strong passion for cooking at the service of haute cuisine over the years.
An endless sea of lights spreads all the way to the horizon. From up here, you have the feeling that you can see to the end of the world. The view from Thailand’s second-highest building is absolutely breathtaking. In Bangkok, the spectacular “King Power MahaNakhon” skyscraper, as it is now officially known, immediately became one of the city’s most striking architectural landmarks. MahaNakhon basically means “large metropolis” and is hence perfectly named for Thailand’s capital.
The landscape is peaceful and calm on the coast of northern China’s Bohai Bay. Nothing disturbs the view of gentle dunes and the tranquil sea. Only upon almost stumbling over it do the visitors recognise the peculiar building smoothly integrated into the sand alongside the shore. The UCCA Dune Art Museum, designed by OPEN Architecture, has been built underneath the dunes to preserve the natural landscape and protect the vulnerable dune ecosystem. It assembles a light-filled system of cave-like galleries, which offer natural and very diverse environments for visitors. We spoke with Li Hu and Huang Wenjing, the founding partners of OPEN, about the ideas behind the project and the challenges of realising it.

She had never cycled much before – but nevertheless she decided to circumnavigate the globe, following just eight months of preparation and without any sponsors. That’s how true adventures start. It’s the story of a sporting battle with many highs and lows. And a journey to the inner self.

Meissen porcelain – the name stands for quality and first-class craftsmanship, for luxury and opulence, for tradition and, last but not least, for passion. Based in the Saxon city of Meissen, the company enjoys worldwide fame and is well known far beyond German borders. A successful craft business that is loved for doing what it has been doing for centuries – timelessly elegant, mostly hand-painted porcelain. But to inspire with its porcelain art even in the 21st century, the traditional house has had the help of the renowned designer team Otto Drögsler and Jörg Ehrlich since 2017 to restore its splendour.
Faster, higher, stronger – we live in an age in which we struggle to find rest. Stress is our constant companion, especially in the professional environment. The first psychological signs of being overworked – such as sleep problems, illness, difficulties concentrating, irritability and lack of motivation – are readily pushed aside. We only start paying attention when physical ailments such as back pain, headache, fatigue and increased blood pressure can no longer be ignored.