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High above, between heaven and earth and in complete tranquillity, the young Frenchman Pablo Signoret balances highly concentrated on a highline in a breath-taking mountain panorama. The highline is the more extreme and demanding version of the slackline, which requires a perfect control of body and mind. We spoke with Pablo about his great passion.

Uncompromising quality combined with craftsmanship and a sure sense for trends. This is Suitsupply. Because in a world where off-the-rack suits have taken over men's wardrobes worldwide, Suitsupply introduces a new approach, creating a completely new market for men’s fashion. With great attention to detail and on-site tailoring while you wait, everyone leaves the store with the perfect fit. We talked to founder and CEO Fokke de Jong about the concept and future plans.
Es ist fünf vor Umbruch. Denn in gut acht Wochen, am 25. Mai, tritt die europäische Datenschutz-Grundverordnung unweigerlich in Kraft. Doch dass dies überhaupt kein Drama für Marketingverantwortliche bedeuten muss, erklärt uns Marketing- und IT-Security-Experte Andres Dickehut im Interview.
Already an established part of everyday life, digitalisation is gradually becoming a fixture in politics and business as well. Initially eyed with scepticism, many businesses have since come to realise the benefits of digitalisation and the advantages it brings as they attempt to keep pace with developments. We spoke with two experts about the current state of digitalisation in Germany and Europe.
Carolyn Robb was the Royal Family’s chef for thirteen years. She travelled with Prince Charles and was there when Prince William and Prince Harry lost their mother, Princess Diana. Her expertise and experiences inspired a cookbook: ‘The Royal Touch, Simple stunning home cooking from a former royal chef’. Carolyn's brand, ‘The Royal Touch’, is inspired by her experiences as a royal chef as well as her love of the British countryside and British produce.
Carefully designed details and an immaculate fit combined with top-quality material is the recipe for timeless items of clothing. For 60 years, the Italian Slowear Group, which consists of 4 brands, has been passionately devoted to manufacturing products which are beautiful, sustainable and reliable at once. Every single brand has kept its own identity and is specialised in what it can do best, which is the way to achieve excellence.
Digital transformation seems to be THE topic of the year. There was hardly any other theme at the World Economic Forum in Davos and the DLD in Munich organised by Burda at the beginning of this year. How will digitalisation affect companies and society in the coming years? How long until we drive our car but busy our hands with the next purchase at the same time?
Sweet and smoky — if there is one trendy scent, it is sandalwood. A warm, strong basic note, which is intensive, woody and spicy at first. Combined with cedar, cardamom and leather, it creates a subtle masculine fragrance whose strength is, however, mellowed and rounded off by violet and iris. The result is “Santal 33”, one of the exclusive unisex fragrances of the perfume label Le Labo, which are equally suitable for men and women.
In the old Kingdom of Siam in the rainforest-covered hillsides of the Thai peninsula of Phuket, there is a mysterious place. High above the beach, small buildings, like giant birds’ nests, are visible through the dense leafy cover of the jungle, hidden in the treetops. Just under them is an infinity pool that provides an amazing view of the bay and the Andaman Sea. It all feels like a magical world, because through its architecture, the Keemala Resort brings the ancient culture of Phuket back to life. With its design, its different villas, their particular style and the skilfully crafted materials, the whole site tells a tale many hundred years old, of an ancient people who were washed ashore by a storm and decided to settle on the majestic beaches of Phuket.
Distance is an illusion. Today we live in an era in which flight connections and various ways of communication have shrunk the world. New possibilities to stay loyal to your social environment have opened up, even if you are thousands of kilometres away. We are on the edge of a revolution that will change the way we live and work.
B2B eCommerce is on a growth trajectory. Strong driving forces include above all the expansion of digital processes, but also rising customer expectations and competitive pressure. Constantly-evolving technologies are opening up new possibilities and generating innovative ideas. And personalisation will play an important role here.
Google’s Advanced Technology and Projects Group (ATAP), which focusses on researching future technologies, is currently transforming textiles into interactive surfaces. Here, new weaving techniques are being developed that permit sensors and electro-conductive yarns to be integrated into fabrics.
This app is really tough! My muscles were burning like fire and during the last ten jumps my legs started to feel heavy as lead, yet there were still squats to do, which would be the final straw for my trembling muscles. Quitting is not an option, if you want to see results from the exercise, the Freeletics app is absolutely clear about that. However, the app also motivates, is a meeting point for like-minded people and, if you stick to the tough training schedule, delivers fast and sustainable results. It can be used anywhere and at any time and provides a community, inspiration and confidence for its users. In just three years, Freeletics has become a global market leader in the fitness industry, and it would be an attractive target for investors if it were to offer shares. Thus far, though, the company is totally self-financed.
Software partners are increasingly focussing on holistic system solutions in enterprise content marketing instead of directly approaching companies. The reason: with their many years of practical experience, they have specialist knowledge of specific sectors and requirements. Consequently, software partners are often better positioned for implementing, customising and operating client-specific solutions, using targeted, innovative technologies in the process. Integrators such as w&co also offer the required change management – resulting in high user acceptance and maximum ROI.
What makes people really happy? This is precisely the question the acclaimed designer Stefan Sagmeister has asked himself. The very personal documentary ‘The Happy Film’ is the result of years of research and self-experiments on the way to happiness. His work inspires and fascinates, and is known for its provocative designs that question the role of the designer in today’s society. Together, we discussed his life, his work and the search for happiness.
Everyone is looking to solve data management problems in the digital age. This article helps answer the core questions of what makes e-commerce tick across the globe, especially around helping clients understand why data must be wielded as an enterprise asset in order to win in the digital age.
Qualifizierte Beratung und ein optimaler Service sind zwei der wichtigsten Elemente für ein erfolgreiches Unternehmen. Endress Motorgeräte, ein führender Händler für professionelle Garten- und Forsttechnik, beherrscht genau das. Um für Kunden auch online den Einkauf zu einem wahren Erlebnis zu machen, setzen sie auf die Omnichannel-Box von infolox.
Summertime is spent outside basking in the sun. However, too many ultraviolet rays cause more damage than fun. The risk of contracting skin cancer has risen in the last few years, and is one of the most common types of cancer spread around the world. La Roche-Posay, the leading dermatological brand of the French cosmetics company L’Oréal, provides better skin protection for you and your loved ones in a revolutionary way. Check, protect and play safe in the sun are no longer pie in the sky.
The motto of the new Public Hotel by Ian Schrager is “Luxury for All”. The legendary New York hotelier has not only reinvented a new hotel concept, but with his idea of affordable luxury, he also stands up to the growing popularity of Airbnb. A hotel should and must be more than just a place to sleep. A cool location still proves its worth, because Public stands in the middle of New York’s hip Lower East Side. No-frills luxury, no reception, checked in by mobile phone or via iPads in the lobby. Room service can be ordered online through delivery services.
For a long time, people in the economic, political, and social gear mechanism were assigned the role of constantly calling up and improving their performance. The fact that this approach demands too high a price while impairing the quality of life has since been recognised. With this change in conscience, humans are again taking centre stage. Having been familiar with the efficacy of plants since her childhood, Ines Zorman is strongly focused on natural medicines to support a healthy lifestyle. In a conversation about alternative forms of therapy and the frantic strive for perfection, Prof Dr Dietrich Grönemeyer shows how to lead a healthy and happy life in a performance-orientated society.
A friend once said, a man is honoured for what he gave and not for what he received. That seems like a common thread with great personalities we adore – be it reformists, scientists, political heroes or business leaders. We remember them for the positive change that they have created not just in our lives, but for many generations. Drawing leadership lessons from their ways may be especially beneficial to the corporate world in today’s digital age.